Because people should be given every opportunity to express themselves, attain their goals, and make choices about the direction of their lives.


Offering group home and supported living services for adults with developmental differences. Connecting people to their community through skill building & social networking.

Cornerstone's Mission

Cornerstone’s philosophy is that every person has their own set of values and goals.  “People should be given every opportunity to express themselves, attain their goals, and makes choices about the direction of their lives.”

Cornerstone Support Services is licensed to provide long-term services to adults over the age of eighteen with a diagnosis of developmental disability or a co-occurring diagnosis of intellectual disability and mental health illness.

Cornerstone is a Nonprofit, 501(c)3 Provider of Support Services for Adults with Developmental Disabilities licensed by Virginia’s Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS).


Beautifully decorated Group Homes integrated in desirable neighborhoods with 24 hour on-site supports.


Connecting People to Their Community through Skill Building & Social Networking while Promoting Independence.


Raising Funds & Awareness to Support the Mission.

Now Hiring:

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Celebrating in 2022:

5 Years of Employment:

Staff Photo Cara Patterson

Cara Patterson:
Direct Support Professional

Working at Cornerstone the last 5 years has been an absolute delight. I have developed meaningful relationships with everyone I worked with and have enjoyed being a part of such a compassionate and caring company.

Staff Photo Anna Adkins

Anna Adkins:
Assistant Manager Cornerstone Thrift

I have been with Cornerstone for 5 years and it feels like home. I enjoy helping my customers and working with my coworkers and I have a wonderful boss.

Staff Photo Lori Morse

Lori Morse:
Supported Living Manager

I love watching the residents thrive, connecting with families and making a difference in my community.

10 Years of Employment:

Staff Photo Nikki Hardy

Nikkea Hardy:
Regional Administrator

My 10 years with Cornerstone Support Services has been an amazing journey from starting as a DSP to now the Regional Administrator.  Cornerstone is not only a great company, it is a family, it is my family.

Staff Photo Jonathan Nolte

Jonathon Nolte:
Sales Associate Cornerstone Thrift

My experience as an employee of Cornerstone has been very good. The environment is great to work in and the management is easy to work under. Love the Christmas parties especially at Kings Dominion!

Staff Photo David Locklear

David Locklear:
Manager Cornerstone Thrift

I’m enjoying being a part of a company that appreciates its employees and makes everyone feel important. This company continues to inspire and improve my ability to use my full potential in a professional work environment. 

Staff Photo Garrett Arreola

Garrett Arreola:
Business Office Manager

No matter where in Cornerstone you’re working, you can get a pretty good idea of how you’re contributing to the mission here.