Is Cornerstone Right for You? You never know until you ask. Below are some of the more frequently asked questions to help you decide.

Together we can make a difference in the lives of the people around us!

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Question: When was Cornerstone started?

Answer: Cornerstone began providing Residential Services in August of 2009 when the founder’s Aunt was in need of Residential Support.

Question: Is Cornerstone affiliated with other businesses?

Answer: Cornerstone is an Independent Private Nonprofit. However, Cornerstone is proud to have joined forces with other local nonprofits, churches, civic groups and government agencies to be a resource in the effort of helping people in need by providing clothing, toys, household goods, etc. at no cost.

Question: In what areas do you provide residential services?

Answer: We currently provide residential services in Rockingham County, Hanover County, James City County and New Kent County

Question: How many people receive services from Cornerstone Support Services?

Answer: Cornerstone’s services are continuing to grow and expand. No more than 4 people live in each of our group homes and no more than three people live in our Supported Living settings.

Question: What training do your Direct Support Professionals receive to ensure quality services are being provided?

Answer: Direct Support Professionals as well as our Management Personnel receive training which includes DSP Orientation, Cornerstone’s Philosophy and Objectives, First Aid & CPR, Human Rights, HIPAA Compliance, Understanding of Home and Community Based Services, Therapeutic Options, Medication Administration, Safety Awareness and Defensive Driving practices. Additional trainings are offered regarding specific support needs of the people receiving our services.

Question: How is Cornerstone funded?

Answer: Cornerstone’s services are funded primarily through Medicaid. The Funds raised through the Thrift Store also help cover the cost of providing quality support services.

Question: Why should I donate here?

Answer: Your donations help to provide quality, community based services for people with intellectual disabilities.

Question: Where do you get your merchandise?

Answer: 100% of the merchandise in Cornerstone Thrift and Thrift & Threads is donated by local residents and businesses. Nothing is purchased and resold. The Thrift Store and Thrift & Threads are totally supported by the community. Thank you for your support!

Question: What do you do with the money raised by the Thrift Store?

Answer: All proceeds strictly benefit the Residential and Supported Living Services of Cornerstone Support Services.

Question: When I donate my change, what is that used for?

Answer: 100% of the change you donate goes into a restricted account for the sole purpose of assisting Cornerstone Residents with quality of life necessities they cannot afford such as: Glasses, Dentures, Assistive Devices, Christmas Gifts, Vacations, Etc.

Cornerstone is a Non-Profit, 501(c)3 provider of support services for adults with developmental disabilities licensed by Virginia’s Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services.